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Hi there -

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Lisa Hurt, and I am the new owner and operator of the Higgins House Victorian Bed and Breakfast in the beautiful historic district of Sanford, Florida.  I am pleased and delighted to take over the reins from the previous owners, Mike and Patty Ribera, who did a wonderful job of running the bed and breakfast, and greatly enhancing its reputation and standing in the community.

Mike and Patty weren't the only operators of this wonderful place; there have been several previous owners who have helped to create the beautiful, classy ambiance of this Victorian-era home since it started as a bed and breakfast back in the mid-1990s. The service they have each delivered has made the Higgins House Bed and Breakfast the top-rated bed and breakfast in Sanford for years. Its my privilege and honor to continue that tradition.

For me, though, the honor has an special extra dimension:  J. C. Higgins, who built the house back in the late 1890s, was my great-grandfather.  He moved his family of 9 children (5 girls and 4 boys) into the home after becoming the superintendent of the ACL railroad for central and south Florida. One of his daughters, Rose Higgins, married a dashing, young man, Jennings L. Hurt, who came to work in her father's office.  They had 8 children, one of whom was my father, Charles Clyde.  (One of my aunts was actually born in the upstairs master bedroom of the Higgins House!)  The house, unfortunately, went out of the family's hands a few years after J.C. died in the 1920s, and his widow, Mary Ellen, no longer needed to maintain such a big place as all the kids had moved out to start families of their own.

So, the Higgins house and home has come full-circle, and is back in the family. We (my extensive, extended family) are overjoyed.  Unfortunately, my father wasn't very forthcoming about his early family life and history here in Sanford, so there are many gaps in my knowledge - both about my extended family (remember those 9 children? they were equally prolific as my grandmother - good Irish Catholic families!) and about Sanford. As I've discovered so far, there are lots of fascinating things to see and do here!

So, join me in my adventures as I explore the Higgins family history and Sanford, both then and now, and share my discoveries. I'll also share stories, pictures and recipes that show how we delight and pamper our guests.

In the meantime, remember: eat dessert first. If you wait to eat it last, you might not have any room left. And that would be tragic...  

Warm regards,


Proud Innkeeper

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420 South Oak Avenue Sanford, Florida

(407) 324-9238

Higgins House Bed and Breakfast Make Reservations