Historic Downtown Sanford Downtown Water FrontFor some people, Sanford is the place they go to catch the Auto Train, or a place on the map they whiz by on their way to Orlando, Daytona Beach, or further South. These folks are missing the opportunity to experience our truly lovely small town and the wonderful attractions in Central Florida. If you are driving through, or taking the Auto Train, allow an extra day or two to explore Sanford and the surrounding area. Sample our excellent restaurants, browse the antique shops and art galleries, take a river cruise, or a horse carriage ride through the historic district and marvel at our beautiful little town.

The Higgins House Victorian Bed and Breakfast, once home to the Higgins family’s nine children, is just one example of beautiful 19th century Sanford homes. You can also take a walking tour through our historic district and enjoy many fine examples of Victorian and early 20th century Florida architecture, the grand live oak trees with Spanish moss hanging from them, palm trees, and parks. The more time you spend here, the more you will come to appreciate this gentle and beautiful old Florida town.

If you are in Central Florida and are looking for lodging, please consider the Higgins House Bed and Breakfast!

Sanford Attractions:

Historic Homes Tour

Stop by the Welcome Center in the center of downtown and pick up a self-guided tour map and descriptions of the homes. You will enjoy the walk around our beautiful town.

Central Florida Zoo

The Higgins House is a proud supporter of the Central Florida Zoo. The people there are dedicated to preserving the beauty and wonder of animals and their habitats. Stroll along shaded, winding boardwalks and enter the beautiful and enchanted world of the Central Florida Zoo, where they strive to protect endangered species, and where many threatened animals have been entrusted to their loving care.

Saint Johns River Ship Company Paddle BoatWheel Paddle Boat Cruise down the St. Johns River

This is a must do while you are in Sanford! Enjoy Lake Monroe and the Saint Johns River. Great food and live entertainment on every cruise. Call 321-441-3030

The Sanford Herald

A great local newspaper. If you really want the inside scoop, pick up a copy while you’re in town. There are occasional articles by the town’s mystery curmudgeon; those alone are worth the price of the paper.

The Seminole Audubon Society

The Seminole Audubon Society is dedicated to the protection of the St. Johns River Basin and the diversity of its wildlife and habitat. If you are interested in local field trips or more information about their programs call 407-977-4389

Blue Spring State Park

For centuries native Americans made the Blue Springs area their home. The springs and surrounding area provided food,clothing, shelter, and tools for their tribes. The same pristine beauty is enjoyed today on nature cruises, and by hikers and kayakers. Most importantly the spring is a refuge for hundreds of Manatees that thrive in the warm clear waters. Spend a day in the park, bring a picnic lunch. If you would like to take a nature-oriented boat tour, call the St. Johns River Cruise Line at 407-330-1612.

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery

Jeanine Taylor’s gallery in the heart of downtown Sanford showcases artists from Florida and the deep South. Many fine artists have their studios there. Pay them a visit you may find just the perfect item to remember your trip to our lovely town.